City by city voting power at Metro Vancouver Board of Directors (percent), May 2014

Governance check: Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, plus one municipality with more than 2% of the Board of Directors votes can control a 50% majority vote at Metro Vancouver. For an amendment to the Regional Growth Strategy, a 2/3 majority is required.

Metro Vancouver Board voting power May 2014, MetroVanWatch

The 2014 Board consists of 40 Directors representing 21 Municipalities, one Electoral Area, one treaty First Nation, and one Municipality (Abbotsford) that is a member of the GVRD for the parks function. These Directors are members of Municipal or First Nation councils who were appointed to the Board by their respective councils. But how do they decide how to vote on each policy and decision? Can the public learn how they voted? A 2/3 majority vote is recorded, so in that case the public can  find out. Otherwise, no.

The number of directors appointed to the Board depends on the population of the Municipality, Electoral Area, or First Nation. As well, directors are allowed one vote for every 20,000 people in their Municipality, Electoral Area, or First Nation, up to a total of five votes. The votes allocated to each director are noted below for the Greater Vancouver Regional District (Metro Vancouver).

Directors have Alternates. Citizens should ask why they do not send their Alternates to meetings to represent their municipalities when they cannot attend. One single vote might make a difference in some cases. Some Directors have as much as five weighted votes of the total 136.

Description Votes Percent
Vancouver 31         23.2
Surrey 24         16.0
Burnaby 12           8.8
Richmond 10           7.2
Abbotsford 7           5.6
Coquitlam 7           4.8
Delta 5           4.0
Langley Township 6           4.0
North Vancouver District 5           4.0
Maple Ridge 4           3.2
New Westminster 4           2.4
North Vancouver City 3           2.4
Port Coquitlam 3           2.4
West Vancouver 3           2.4
Langley City 2           1.6
Port Moody 2           1.6
Anmore 1           0.8
Belcara 1           0.8
Bowen Island 1           0.8
Electoral District A 1           0.8
Lions Bay 1           0.8
Pitt Meadows 1           0.8
Tsawwassen 1           0.8
White Rock 1           0.8
TOTALS 136 100

Data source:

Metro Vancouver Board Directors and Alternates May 2014

Prepared by MetroVanWatch


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