Community Charter

Most municipalities in the Metro Vancouver region are governed by the Community Charter  as well as the Local Government Act, under the Province of British Columbia. It contains several provisions relating to ethics and conduct. The City of Vancouver is a special case with its own Vancouver Charter. The Local Government Act is the primary legislation for regional districts; certain municipal provisions remain in effect for matters not covered by the Community Charter.

For other information we have compiled on Metro Vancouver see this page:


Of special note:

  • -Section 100-109 (Conflict of Interest)
  • -Section 110-113 (Disqualification)
  • -Section 114-121 (Council Roles and Responsibilities)

Direct links, references:


Of special reference – go to this page and look for the relevant section:

Local Government Act
-Section 210 (Oath)
-Section 218-219 (Powers and Duties of Chair)


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