Media coverage on Southlands decision by Metro Vancouver Board May 23

Google Earth Southlands in region earth viewWe will keep an ongoing list here of media coverage on the Southlands decision by the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors on May 23, 2014.


Metro Vancouver approves Southlands proposal (Delta Optimist, 23-May-2014) Very short article. Excerpt: There was much debate at the table with regards to the precedent approval could set, but ultimately directors believed the proposal was a benefit to the region as well as to the municipality. Century Group is proposing to build 950 housing units on 20 per cent of the 214-hectare (537-acre) Southlands. The remaining 80 per cent would be given to Delta, much of it for farming.

Southlands development approved by Metro Vancouver despite staff objections (Carlito Pablo, Georgia Straight, 23-May-2014). Excerpt, quotes from staff report: “A key concern is that approving the proposal may lead to greater development pressure on agricultural land across the region,” the report states. “The vast majority of agricultural land in the region is privately owned.” The report notes that approval “could signal to private agricultural land owners that the strategy of dense development on one portion in exchange for public ownership of the rest is a desirable amenity”. “In turn, this message may lead to greater speculation on agricultural land and a proliferation of these types of applications across the region,” the report notes.

Southlands farmland deal in Delta gets Metro Vancouver approval (Jeff Nagel – Richmond Review and Langley Times, 23-May-2014). Excerpts: The 93-31 weighted vote at the Metro board means the regional growth strategy will be amended to redraw part of the urban containment boundary and change the regional land use designation from agricultural to general urban and conservation/recreation. A two-thirds majority vote was required. Richmond Coun. Harold Steves called it a “very dangerous precedent” that sends the signal to other agricultural land speculators that they will be rewarded if they let farmland deteriorate and then wait for the local council to agree to a similar deal. “We can expect this to happen over and over and over again,” Steves warned.

Tsawwassen farmland development plan gets okay in Metro Vancouver vote (Kelly Sinoski, Vancouver Sun, 23-May-2014)



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