Heads up: “Metro Vancouver 2040: Shaping our Future”: Is 5-year review of regional growth strategy needed? Yes? No? Crucial meeting Mar 10 (Fri)


From top page of Metro Vancouver website

Heads up: On March 10, 2017 the “Regional Planning Committee” of Metro Vancouver will review feedback from member municipalities and other organizations as to whether or not there is a need for a review of the regional growth strategy (RGS) at this time.

(Input from the public on this topic so far may have been virtually zero, as we are not aware of any meaningful effort by Metro Vancouver or member municipalities to reach out and ask citizens or the public for input. Meanwhile, the Census 2016 initial results have been released, and more details are expected in the coming months. How does the Census affect population projections to 2040, for the region, and per municipality. Today (Feb 28) would be the official deadline (7 working days) to request to speak to the RPC, though there appear to be allowances for late requests (see below). The actual written report  to the RPC is already complete, but not yet available to the public. We can expect it to appear on the Metro Vancouver website by the end of this week. If you think you want to speak to the RPC, you may be wise to e-mail your request today (Feb 28), then reconfirm once you see the details. The meeting will be at Metro Vancouver headquarters, 9 am start on March 10 (4330 Kingsway Burnaby, BC V5H 4G8).

From the Metro Vancouver website:

The five year anniversary of the Metro Vancouver Board’s adoption of Metro Vancouver 2040: Shaping our Future (Metro 2040), the regional growth strategy, was this past summer (July 29, 2016). Metro 2040 sets out the collaborative vision for how our region will accommodate and shape anticipated long-term growth in a way that advances livability, protects important industrial, agricultural, and conservation lands, supports a diverse economy and supports the efficient and affordable provision of infrastructure such as transit and utilities.

The Local Government Act requires that: “at least every 5 years, a regional district that has an adopted regional growth strategy must consider whether the regional growth strategy must be reviewed for possible amendment”.

As part of this process, affected local governments are given an opportunity to comment on whether a review is necessary, and if so, what the desired scope of that review / amendment might include. In August and September 2016, Metro Vancouver sent notification letters to affected local governments, municipalities, school districts, First Nations, and other agencies and organizations. Metro Vancouver requested comments by October 26, 2016. Responses have been received from a number of municipalities, both via Council resolution and staff comment, and from other organizations.

In considering whether an amendment is required to the regional growth strategy, one of the requirements is to hold a Regional Planning Committee meeting that is open to the public where consideration of the review is being discussed. This requirement will be met at the March 10, 2017 Regional Planning Committee meeting. At this meeting, staff will present the results of consultation. Comments received will be summarized and attached. Notification of this date was provided in the February 3, 2017 Manager’s report.

Members of the public are welcome to appear at this meeting as a delegation.


Board & Information Services
To request to speak, writtene request is required.
E-mail: delegations@metrovancouver.org
4330 Kingsway Burnaby, BC V5H 4G8

Applicants should expect a reply within 24 hours or the next business day.


REFERENCE: The Regional Growth Strategy, official resources.

Metro Vancouver 2040: Shaping our Future



Projections of population, by municipality, Table A.1 in Regional Growth Strategy, page 68.

TABLE A.1 of Regional Growth Strategy

Official projections in the RGS are in Table A.1, page 68. There may have been updates.


Click to access RGSAdoptedbyGVRDBoard.pdf



From Metro Vancouver website.

To speak to a committee, you must first apply. You are encouraged to submit your application at least 7 working* days prior to the scheduled meeting so that you qualify to speak on any topic within the specific committee’s terms of reference. You do not need to wait for the agenda to be published to apply and may withdraw your application at any time. What is 7 working days prior? This means weekends, Holidays, the day you apply and the meeting day are not included in the number of days counted. Example: If the meeting date is Thursday, April 20, 2017, applications must be received by no later than Thursday, April 6th. Why? The day your application is received, weekends, Good Friday and Easter Monday do not count.

Calendar showing 7 working days

To apply
Submit a written request to the Board & Information Services and ensure the following required information is included:

  • your contact information. This information is needed in the event of a meeting change or cancellation,
  • the name of the designated speaker (if not you),
  • the name of the Committee you wish to speak to,
  • the date of the meeting you wish to speak at,
  • the subject of your presentation,
  • the specific action you are asking the committee to take, and
  • a summary of your presentation*

What if the deadline has already passed?
No problem, submit your application right away. You may apply as a delegation after the deadline and up to the start of a meeting if there is a report on the agenda that relates to your subject.

If you are applying late also include:

  • the circumstances preventing you from giving earlier notice,
  • how your interests are affected by a report on the agenda, and
  • the name of the report on the agenda that you wish to speak to.

*Note regarding the summary: It is important to provide a summary of your presentation for inclusion in the agenda package so that committee members are familiar with your subject. The Summary can be up to two pages (single sided). Copies of presentations or other handouts cannot be distributed at meetings however, you may submit to the Corporate Officer a copy of your complete presentation or other relevant background material for the record. Your summary and any presentation material provided are public and may be published to the Metro Vancouver website.

How do I address the elected officials?
When it is your turn to address the members, the Chair will call your name. At that point, step up to the presenter’s desk and be seated. Be sure to speak directly into the microphone on the table so that all members and the audience can hear you.

When addressing Committee or Board members, make your comments to the Chair. This helps maintain order in the meeting. Address the chair as Mr. Chair or Madam Chair, as appropriate.

Delegations have a maximum of five minutes to present.

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