Want to help preserve the Burns Bog peatlands? Meeting today by MK Delta Lands, project proponent


We reprint here a notice from Eliza Olson, of the Burns Bog Conservation Society. Why is the bog important? Read here. Bold text below is chosen to highlight critical points.

See also previous coverage on MetroVanWatch.

Below is the message from Eliza Olson,  Burns Bog Conservation Society, September 19, 2013.

This is just a reminder to attend the meeting that MK Delta has announced for Monday, September 23rd at 7pm at the Kennedy Seniors centre,11760 88th Avenue, North Delta.

Recap of the issue:

MK Delta has annouced that it that it will be presenting a revised application for the development of the property at 10770 72nd Avenue on the Monday, September 23rd at 7pm at the Kennedy Seniors centre,11760 88th Avenue, North Delta.

Please attend Delta Council’s meeting and/or ask your friends and neighbours to come with you. It does not matter whether or not you live in Delta. This is an important issue for everyone in the Lower Mainland. Dare I say, British Columbia?

MK Delta wants to develop 89 acres of land east of hwy 91 and donate 193 acres of land to the Burns Bog Conservation area. The land they want to develop is wedged between three pieces of the Burns Bog Conservation Area and plays a vital part in the ecosystem of the bog.

While Trading 89 acres for 193 acres may sound like a great deal, MK Delta has simultaneously promised to contribute to the overpass construction. This will encroach on the Conservation Area.

The peat in the area MK Delta wants to develop is over 70 feet deep according to MK’s own hydrologist.

There are real technical/engineering problems with this land.

The land is below grade of the current sewer line. This creates problems with sewage. The land will have to be upgraded with fill. This will have a negative impact on Highway 91 and the surrounding bogland. If this is not done the sewage will have to be pumped uphill. The question here is, “Who will pay if these pumps fail and the S**T lands in peoples’ basements?”

The Corporation of Delta asked Metro Vancouver in July to rezone the area from “Conservation and Recreation” to “Urban.” It was turned down because the Corporation of Delta had not held any public hearings. On Monday MK Delta will be presenting a new plan for the area. This is the chance for you, the public to find out what MK Delta Land Group Inc’s new plans are. There will be a series of follow-up meetings at Sungod Recreation Centre on September 26, October 3 and October 10 (drop in format from 4:00 – 8:30 pm). These are not public hearings sponsored by the Corporation of Delta but by MK Delta Land Group Inc.

Please attend the Corporation of Delta’s regular Council meeting on Monday, September 23rd. It starts at 7:00 p.m., Kennedy Senior Centre, 11760-88th Avenue, North Delta.

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