Delta public hearing July 29 on Official Community Plan – Regional Context Statement, plus Regular Council on Southlands

Municipal Council of the Corporation of Delta will hold a Public Hearing on July 29 and 30 to cover the Official Development Plan, Regional Context Statement. This is an important document. Information:

Watch council meetings online live, or archived:

Official information on this agenda item is copied below:

The Municipal Council of The Corporation of Delta will hold a Public
Hearing, in accordance with the Local Government Act, to consider the
following proposed projects and related applications:
Date: Monday, July 29, 2013 – Projects 1 – 4
Time: 3:30 pm
Place: Council Chamber, Delta Municipal Hall, 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent
Delta, BC

Project No. 1 Application for Official Community Plan Amendment (File No. P12-12)

Location: All lands in Delta
Applicant: The Corporation of Delta Telephone: 604-946-3380
Proposal: Application for Official Community Plan Amendment to add the new Regional Context Statement for Delta as required by Section 866 of the Local Government Act and to make other related updates.

“The Corporation of Delta Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 3950, 1985”
Amendment Bylaw No. 7237
To amend Schedule A of the Official Community Plan as follows:
1. Adding the new Regional Context Statement;
2. Removing references to the Livable Region Strategic Plan in Schedule
A and replacing it with references to the Regional Growth Strategy;
3.Making housekeeping amendments related to the change of status
of the Tsawwassen First Nation; and
4.Updating the Statistical Summary section to include projections to
2041 for population, dwelling units and employment for all of Delta,
and a breakdown of housing types based on 2011 Census data.
Staff Contact: Laura Ryan – 604-946-3395
Web Location: July 15, 2013 Regular Council Meeting Agenda Item E.13

Note: related documents are here in PDF (40 pages):

See minutes of the July 15, 2013, council meeting here:

Draft Regional Context Statement (June 18, 2013)

Corporation of Delta’s update web page on the Regional Context Statement


MetroVanWatch notes that it appears there has been only one item of mainstream media coverage.

Growth to come in North Delta: Bulk of projected population increase over next 30 years to be accommodated along scott road corridor (by Sandor Gyarmati, Delta Optimist July 24, 2013)

Summary points:

  • Delta’s population is expected to grow by over 20,000 in the next 30 years.
  • Most of that will be focused in North Delta.
  • Delta council gave preliminary approval last week to a new regional context statement for the Official Community Plan make Delta’s plan fit with Metro Vancouver’s Regional Growth Strategy.
  • Delta’s population is currently just over 100,000. It is expected to gradually climb to 109,999 by 2021, then to 123,000 by 2041. Most growth in Delta is expected to occur in North Delta, specifically the Scott Road corridor, which has been identified as a potential frequent transit development area.
  • The municipality is currently undertaking a review of the North Delta Area Plan, including looking for ways to revitalize Scott Road to encourage growth.
  • A few months ago, Council approved a 37-storey high-rise at 80th Avenue and Scott Road. Currently two 14-storey buildings in North Delta are Delta’s tallest.
  • Coun. Bruce McDonald told the Optimist there’s currently little available land in South Delta for anything other than infill.
  • South Delta will get additional residents with the Marina Garden Estates build-out, but, unless the Century Group’s development application for the Southlands is approved, most of the new high density housing will come in small increments.
  • The regional context statement will go to a public hearing [Note – July 29, 3:30 pm] before going back to council for final approval.


Southlands Official Community Plan Amendment and Rezoning Application 

Starting at 7 pm, Regular Council will look at the controversial Southlands development.

Meeting agenda:

Project website:

MetroVanWatch understands that this Regular Council meeting on Monday, July 29, 7 pm is to either deny, delay or approve this process.

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