Citizen warns Metro Vancouver of possible B.C. Supreme Court challenge to METRO 2050, citing failure to consult key stakeholders and publicize Public Hearing (April 20)

Above: Metro 2050 banner. Credit Metro Vancouver website

Livestream –

One of the best-kept secrets in the Metro Vancouver region today, April 20, 2022, is that an important Public Hearing will be held tonight, starting at 6 pm on METRO 2050, the Metro Vancouver Regional District Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) Bylaw No. 1339, 2022.

The Public Hearing is of major significance, as the final chance for the 2.8 million residents of 21 municipalities, one electoral district, and one First Nation, to provide input to elected officials prior to the intended adoption of METRO 2050 this July. Then, it is expected to guide and regulate many aspects of urban development for the next 28 years to 2050 (and beyond). The implications of the RGS are vast – affecting housing development (which by nature affects construction, demolition, displacement, infrastructure, taxes, livability, and the look and feel of our communities), transit and mobility (which affects billions of dollars of public money), employment (vastly important), ecological and agricultural lands (ditto), impact on climate and impacts of climate change, and much, much more. See official explanatory and promotional materials here –

But perhaps it’s no surprise that this Public Hearing, and probably METRO 2050 itself, is known only to a small number of people.

It appears Metro Vancouver and media have done their best to keep it under wraps. A CityHallWatch tally as of the day of the Public Hearing shows that media coverage has been ZERO to date. Civic reporters have been looking the other way. See “Full tally of media coverage on the crucial ‘Metro 2050’ Public Hearing on April 20/Wed: Implications for 2.8 million residents over the next 28 years

We have just noticed that the sole piece of correspondence published as of today (April 20) with the agenda package, as correspondence received by Metro Vancouver for the Public Hearing, covers significant concerns deserving further scrutiny.

The civic watcher (Roderick Louis) has carefully studied the official documentation and concludes that Metro Vancouver has failed to involve the public, notify the public, notify the media, and consult with specific key stakeholders (including boards of education across the region, B.C. ministry of Education and Child Care, police departments, RCMP, B.C.’s Solicitor General and Attorney General ministries).

He believes the failure to do so violates legislation, has filed a Freedom of Information (inquiry) to obtain documentation to confirm his suspicions and awaits the response, and notifies Metro Vancouver that if his information search proves him correct, he has the intention of bringing this to the B.C. Supreme Court. Excerpt:

The main purpose of this letter is to, again, advise of my intentions to apply for a BC Supreme
Court injunction against Metro Vancouver that would prevent the Metro Vancouver 2050 RGS
approval procedures from continuing until after Metro Vancouver openly and transparently consults

with the MV region’s k-12 boards of education and police agencies/ organizations, (and with BC’s
Ministries of Solicitor General and Attorney General)…. regarding potential k-12 education and
schools content, and potential police services, crime, crime prevention and social disorder issues
content … of an amended draft MV 2050 Regional Growth Strategy

The Public Hearing will be livestreamed, so interested persons are encouraged to follow the meeting online.

His April 7 submission to Metro Vancouver is on p135-138/170 of the Public Hearing meeting agenda. His previous correspondence follows that, starting on p139 at this link:

Below is a PDF of his April 7 submission, excerpted in PDF.

The Agenda for the April 20 Public Hearing is available on this calendar:

Screen grab of calendar entry.

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