Help orcas and wild Pacific salmon: Deadline TODAY for public input on upgrade to Iona Island Wastewater Treatment Plant (Metro Vancouver)

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orca in body of water Photo by Andre Estevez on

grayscale photo of body of water Photo by Andre Estevez on

Here is a topic on which more public support could make a big difference for many decades to come. A crucial deadline for public input is today, June 8, 2020. Below we share an e-mail from Celia Brauer, staff member and co-founder of the False Creek Watershed Society. See our previous post on this topic here.

This topic is relevant to everyone in Vancouver and Metro Vancouver, as much of our sewage flows to this treatment plant. Links to extensive reference material are provided further below.

To provide your input into the consultation, please click this link or write a direct e-mail.


E-mail from Celia Brauer, False Creek Watershed Society (

June 3, 2020

Hello Water…

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