Alternative surfaces for greenways, paths, trails – ideas for Vancouver from Elvira Lount

CityHallWatch: Tools to engage in Vancouver city decisions

Vancouver citizen/activist Elvira Lount has shared with us (below, originally addressed to Jerry Dobrovolny – Director of Transportation) her compilation of information regarding input on surface materials for paths for walking, cycling and other uses. This is in the context of three consultation workshops for the city’s Arbutus Greenway (see Arbutus Corridor Update and Consultation Sept 17, 21, 22 – Sat, Wed, Thu), but the information could apply to anywhere in the world considering such surfaces. There has been some controversy about what kind of surface to put on various paths in Vancouver (see Arbutus Greenway paving halted for more consultation).


The City’s description of the [Arbutus Greenway] workshops states “We’re looking at several different types of hard-surface materials, especially those that improve safety and accessibility”

In this regard, I don’t know if you’re aware of “National Trails Surface Study” the by the US National Center on…

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