FOI report published by provincial committee. Will the BC Legislature act on the recommendations?

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The final report of BC parliamentary committee that reviewed the province’s Freedom of Information laws is now available online. The report suggests shortening the response time for FOI requests to 30 calendar days, down from the current 30 business day response time. A total of 39 recommendations are included in the report.

Members of the public who made presentations to the committee might be pleasantly surprised by the report.  An open question is will the legislature act to implement all (or even some) of the recommendations by the committee?

Special Committee to Review the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act considered 193 presentations and written submissions as public input. The committee included the following members:

Don McRae, MLA (Comox Valley), chair;
Doug Routley, MLA (Nanaimo-North Cowichan), deputy chair;
Kathy Corrigan, MLA (Burnaby-Deer Lake);
David Eby, MLA (Vancouver-Point Grey);
Eric Foster, MLA (Vernon-Monashee);
Sam Sullivan, MLA (Vancouver-False…

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