Vancouver’s Housing Affordability Crisis: Causes, Consequences and Solutions (paper by Josh Gordon, SFU)

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Towers on CambieThis is recommended reading: A paper published online by Josh Gordon, Assistant Professor, School of Public Policy, Simon Fraser University. Download PDF here. As a sample, we provide two excerpts from hie foreword and the table of contents. This paper is a fresh look at the housing crisis in Vancouver – causes, consequences, solutions, and common arguments.

From the foreword: This report is intended to help Vancouverites sort through many of the conflicting claims being made about the current real estate situation. Influential people in the world of real estate and government have an interest in telling a particular story which allows the status quo to proceed unchecked. These defenders of the status quo need to be confronted, and this report provides data and argumentation to do just that. Many of the arguments and counter-arguments in the report have been made before, but I provide the data to dismiss some claims more…

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