Vancouver needs “proactive disclosure”: Council slated to change FOI (freedom of information) bylaw Feb 24: Speak to Council!

All Metro Vancouver municipalities could and should do this! A topic for Metro Vancouver Board of Directors (GVRD)!

CityHallWatch: Tools to engage in Vancouver city decisions

digital strategy city hallAs we have reported (Risky business: Proposed changes to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy, CHW, 21-Feb), City Council is slated to make immediate amendments to the City’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy By-law. There are big problems with that.

We encourage the public to write or speak to City Council opposing this bylaw amendment (Feb 24 (Wed) Committee, meeting (starts 9:30 am, agenda item #7). Speakers can address Council. We encourage people do do so in person at the meeting or in writing. You may wish to encourage Council to undertake a full review of Vancouver’s FOI bylaw, policies, and practices AFTER the results of the current audit by the Provincial Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner. The City should move toward best practices, and that means “proactive disclosure.” This is not rocket science, and good examples exist already.

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