Roberts Bank Terminal 2: Marine Shipping Supplemental Report public comment period ends Dec 16 (Wed)

Coal export terminal from Roberts Bank(Announcement from Port Metro Vancouver)

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEA Agency) has announced the start of the public comment period on the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project Marine Shipping Supplemental Report. This report was prepared by Port Metro Vancouver, and serves as an addendum to the Environmental Impact Statement that was submitted in March 2015.

The CEA Agency invites the public to submit their views in writing on the completeness of the information presented in the Marine Shipping Supplemental Report as measured against the Updated EIS Guidelines. All comments received will be posted on the Agency’s online public registry.

Written comments in either official language should be sent by December 16, 2015 by mail or email to:

Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
Debra Myles, Panel Manager
160 Elgin Street, 22nd Floor
Ottawa ON K1A 0H3

To learn more about the federal environmental assessment process and to read the Environmental Impact Statement, visit the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency website (registry reference number 80054).

For information regarding the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project, or to read the Marine Shipping Supplemental Report Executive Summary, please visit the Project website

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