Biologist Mike Pearson to speak on debris impact on endangered Nooksack dace fish in Burnaby’s Stoney Creek, Nov 16 (Mon) 3 pm

Nooksack dace. Photo: Mike Pearson

Nooksack dace. Photo: Mike Pearson

Aquatic biologist, Mike Pearson, PhD, RPBio, of Pearson Ecological will be available to speak to members of the media regarding previously unreported damage to the Nooksack dace, an endangered fish species protected under the Species at Risk Act. The damage is due to a debris spill into Stoney Creek from work on a culvert in Burnaby that also harmed salmon.

WHEN: Monday Nov. 16, 2015 at 3 pm
WHERE: the mouth of Stoney Creek

DIRECTIONS: North of Hwy 1, from Cariboo Road, turn east at the RV Park sign onto Cariboo Place.
Park in the permitted area on the road. Someone should be available to direct you to the site. If not, walk ahead a short way to the wide path on the right that follows the north side of the Brunette River to the bridge over the mouth of Stoney Creek. 3-5 minute walk.


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