West Vancouver “Upper Lands” vision: A village at base of Cypress Mountain – Open Houses Apr 14 & 16 (Tues, Thurs)


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For the past 2.5 years, a working group in the District of West Vancouver has been considering the future of the “Upper Lands”–looking at environmental data, reviewing existing bylaws and policies, and engaging with stakeholders and the wider community.

recommendation report and background paper are available online. Two more open houses are planned this week, and public input is also invited online.

Draft Recommendations Report: here
Draft Background Report: here

Open Houses to discuss the draft recommendations with Working Group members and staff:

• Saturday, April 11, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Community Centre, Atrium
• Tuesday, April 14, 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., Gleneagles Golf Club, Great Hall
• Thursday, April 16, 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., Community Centre, Atrium

An online survey about the draft recommendations is available on the westvancouver website until April 19, 2015.

The final report to West Vancouver Council is expected in June 2015. Below is a brief outline, plus links to recent media.

Outline: The working group is proposing a clustered, village-type community for the base of Cypress Mountain, above the Upper Levels highway, to be called Cypress Village — between Cave Creek and Cypress Creek. Another neighbourhood, Cypress West, might be considered, between Cypress Creek and Eagle Creeks. The “Upper Lands” area consists of 6,265 acres of undeveloped land. It is over one-quarter of the total area of West Vancouver.  The district owns just over half of the land, mostly higher up the mountain. British Pacific Properties owns most of the property below 1,200 feet, but also has some significant holdings above that elevation line (which roughly coincides with the snow line). It is being recommended that the district purchase private lands above 1,200 feet that abut their property. (See North Shore News articles below.)

Report: http://westvancouver.ca/home-building-property/major-projects/upper-lands-study-review

Or http://www.westvancouver.ca/upperlands


Excerpt: Generally, the plan foresees a dense, mixed-use village off Cypress Bowl Road occupying less than 10 per cent of the Upper Lands, with protection in place for the environmental and recreational values over the rest of the land. Notably the group is recommending that there be no development above the 1,200-foot line and that the district should purchase the patchwork of private land above that point, something Coun. Bill Soprovich has long advocated for. “If I remember correctly, in two votes in the last 18 years, Coun. Soprovich was the only one who supported not going above the 1,200-foot line for residential development,” he said, referring to himself in the third person. “As it comes to pass, that wisdom is found here.”

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  1. urbanizta says:

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    Of interest to people in the entire Metro Vancouver region.

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  3. Adam Fitch says:

    Back in 2005-2007, when Ned Jacobs was involved with, or leading, the Eagle Bluffs group opposed to the Sea-to-Sky highway upgrading project, I pointed out that it appeared clearly that the project was designed to accommodate development of the upper lands.

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