Media release: Transit Plebiscite raises concerns/questions from neighbourhoods about Broadway plans (by CVN)

This is of regional importance. See details, all the way to end of appendix. Don’t vote on transit plebiscite until proponents (led by Gregor Robertson) answer officially in writing!

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CVN media release 17-Mar-2015 Transit plebiscite raises concerns BroadwayMedia release issued today by the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods. PDF: CVN Media Release-Transit Plebiscite Broadway concerns 17-Mar-2015

Media Release: March 17, 2015
Transit Plebiscite raises concerns and questions from neighbourhoods about Broadway plans

The Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods (CVN) strongly supports improved public transit; however, CVN has not taken a yes or no position on the transit plebiscite. There are many concerns about the proposal in general that the public needs to be informed on.

In the lead-up to the Transit Plebiscite, there has been much public debate about increasing taxes and the problems with TransLink. However, there has been little discussion about some of the details of the proposed transportation package, and its implications for massive development, especially along the Broadway corridor. Before the public can determine whether to vote yes or no, this discussion needs to take place so that voters can make an informed choice.

In a…

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