See Who Paid for the 2014 Elections

Here is the tally for North Vancouver. Campaign finance reform is needed. The Provincial government failed society in 2014 by delaying any controls on political donations and spending for municipal elections, even while extending the term of office by another year. We have deep, systemic problems in BC, and it is up to the citizens to pressure the government to clean up. Basically, it is the incumbent ruling parties at every level that are mostly to blame. Their member appear to speak, act and vote as instructed from above. Some may even have to go to jail if all were to be known. But there ARE some good people in office even today. Citizens need to work with them and empower them.

North Van City Voices

Voices comment:  The big question remains ‘who is expecting what’?????  We note the largest expense for the Mayor was salaries at over $33,000; Kerry Morris’ run was supported entirely by volunteers from the community.

From the North Shore News today:

Editorial:  Chequered Past

The province has dragged its feet long enough on bringing in some reasonable limits on municipal campaign donations and spending.

In civic election campaign finance documents made public this week we’ve seen record spending for council seats and chains of office in both our own community and others around the province. We won’t argue that accepting a donation from a person or business automatically amounts to a conflict of interest.

And a bigger campaign budget doesn’t always buy you a win. Ask some of the also-rans who put up a small fortune of their own money about that.

But the perception is bad and for many, perception…

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