Burnaby Mayor Corrigan & NDP-affiliated BCA council voted against limits on donations to election campaigns

MetroVanWatch received this submission from the Burnaby First Coalition. It looks like valuable information for the public.

Burnaby Mayor Corrigan and  NDP’s BCA council voted against limits of donations to election campaigns.

Refer to this April 2010 Report to Council (Burnaby).
(This is the time when Mayor Corrigan spoke at a realtor event sponsored by Bosa and MAC Marketing about the 32,000 population he proposed for the future of Brentwood. This was just before Shape bought both Brentwood and Lougheed malls and donated $5000 to 2011 civic election. Bosa donated $4500 – total nearly $90,000 from developers + $134,000 from unions – $94,500 of which was from CUPE alone.)
Council does not support limits on expenditures or contributions. “
“Council is concerned much of the attention in the media and elsewhere arises from election issues in the City of Vancouver. The vast majority of local government elections are not overly costly or subject to the same controversy generated in the province’s largest city. Burnaby, as BC’s third largest city, had total campaign expenditures of approximately $500,000 in the last election, less than $3 per person. The members of Council are concerned the province may bring forward rules and regulations which will make it much more difficult for persons to participate in the democratic process. Therefore, Council would urge the task force not to try to fix something 

which is not broken; there is not a problem outside of the City of Vancouver in the diverse communities around the province. “
The Burnaby City Manager submitted a report from the Deputy City Clerk summarizing Council’s position on electoral issues for submission to the Local Government Elections Task Force.
The City Manager recommended:
1.   THAT this report be forwarded to the Local Government Elections Task Force as the City of Burnaby’s official submission related to the current review of B.C.’s local government electoral process.
“THAT the recommendation of the City Manager be adopted.”
                                          CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY
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