High Stakes (editorial) and: City of North Vancouver flip flops on OCP fate

North Van City Voices

High Stakes (editorial)

In May, we wrote an editorial, warning City of North Vancouver council not to let this happen. After years of work, the CityShaping OCP is bogged down in a procedural rat’s nest with just weeks before the 2014 municipal election. There’s significant risk the OCP will languish into the new council term or even die on the vine, putting us into legislative parts unknown.

The impasse and flip-flopping at council is petulant and frankly embarrassing.

The fact is, it was this council that was elected to oversee and usher in the new OCP. It was also this council that monkeyed with the timeline for the OCP’s approval to suit their own political agendas.

You could blame the mayor and his allies for waiting until the last minute to take their ball and go home. You could blame Coun. Guy Heywood for torpedoing the approval simply because it…

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