Metrotown Residents’ Association meeting Oct 10 (Burnaby)

We are sharing this media release as a public service. Community associations in Burnaby have been very quiet in the Metro region. This new group stands out as a fresh initiative to give vitality to the grassroots and public discourse. MetroVanWatch has found Burnaby’s public consultation and information to have some challenges. For example, compared to some municipalities, it is very cumbersome to gain access to records of 2011 civic election campaign donations. The incumbent Mayor Derek Corrigan and his “Burnaby Citizens Association” (political party) have absolute control of City Council. More public discussion is a positive thing. 


Media Release: Metrotown Residents’ Association Holds its Second Meeting
Download poster: Burnaby, MRA MediaRelease for mtg, 10-Oct-2014

The second meeting of the Metrotown Residents’ Association (MRA) will be held Friday, October 10th at 6:30pm at the Burnaby Neighbourhood House, 4460 Beresford St. Burnaby (beside Metrotown Skytrain Station).

The purpose of this meeting is to form a society in accordance with the Society Act of BC. A society requires a constitution and bylaws, list of first directors and notice of address. The constitution will set out the name and purposes of the society while the bylaws set out the rules of conduct of the society.

The new association will also discuss its purpose and set some short and long term goals.

Association organizer Rick McGowan is hopeful that the group will host an all-candidates debate that will focus on issues related to the town centers. The municipal election is on Saturday, November 15.

“We will need to establish committees to research the issues brought forth and see what kind of solutions we can come up with.”

Densification, loss of affordable rental housing, and inadequate consultation with the affected community are issues that were raised at the inaugural meeting on September 19.

McGowan hopes this follow up meeting will see more new faces and will provide a clear direction for the association.

“Metrotown has a diverse population both culturally and economically. We want the association to reflect that diversity and promote dialogue and understanding.”

The MRA wants to thank Antonia Beck and the Burnaby Neighbourhood House for lending its space for this meeting.

“Affordable meeting space for community groups is at a premium in Metrotown,” notes McGowan

Metrotown is one of seven regional town centers in Metro Vancouver. It was formally established as a town centre in 1977, and covers an area of approximately 3.07 km2. According to the 2011 Census, there were 25,321 people living in Metrotown making the density in the town center equal to cities such as Lahore, Pakistan, Mexico City and Singapore.

Contact: Rick McGowan email:

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