TransLink salaries published. CEO Ian Jarvis made $468,015 in 2013

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Right before the start of the Labour Day weekend, TransLink posted the salaries of its executives, board and employees who earned more than $75,000. Nestled at the end of this 74page report, a table was included to show the total compensation in 2013 received by the 7 members of the executive. The top wage earner was CEO Ian Jarvis at $468,015; executive Fred Cummings received the least at $321,736. Here is a part of the table from the report:

TransLink exec 2013 salariesPrevious statements from TransLink had suggested no increases in compensation were in order. Global News reported“TransLink chair Marcella Szel previously stated that executive pay had been frozen at 2012 levels and that no bonuses would be handed out.”

The Skytrain system recently saw two system-wide outages on the Expo and Millennium lines in July. The $171 million $194 million FareGate and Compass card system has been delayed…

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