Concerns about Brentwood Tower 2 (Burnaby), 53-storey tower: Rezoning public hearing August 26

Below is a summary of key issues on this major rezoning, received from a Burnaby citizen. (Updated, with comments about height…at bottom.)
Public Hearing: Rezoning for Brentwood Tower 2
7 pm, Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Burnaby City Hall
Citizens can send in a comment to Council or speak at the public hearing. Email before 7 pm Tuesday. Comments must include name and address.
Public hearing documents: Click here.
1 – Legality of the entire process
– Council used Dec 2010 ‘text amendment’ to zoning bylaw to radically alter density. Widespread public consultation process is required under Local Government Act  when amending official community plans
– Maximum density for residential went  from 2.2 Floor Area ratio to 11 FAR and height from 180 ft max to 70 stories.
– Council did vote to do amendment to Town Centre Plan with full public consultation as required as part of Dec 2010 “text amendment” vote… but Council voted in Mar 2011 to put this off indefinitely because  staff found it would take a long time. So they have not done it. BUT Council in 2013 embarked on extensive pub consult process to do ‘Environmental Sustainability Strategy’
-They are using the same very restricted Public Hearing process, only notifying property owners within 30 meters of site that is intended for minor changes to zoning to demolish, upzone and rebuild the entire Town Centre area
-Burnaby Mayor & Council rightly demands proper open full process/consultation for pipeline…but not here?
2 – Lack of amenities and planning for amenities – all these would be planned if #1 had been done
– No time lines
– No plans for traffic, noise issues during construction – 20-30+ yrs
– Hospital, police, emergency
– Parks, community centre, pool, roads
– UBC Jan 2014 earthquake study – “tall buildings” will be affected – need to change planning, bldg codes?
– No ‘community institution’ space in plan (for eg faith groups, Legion, etc)
3 – Lack of inclusion of and concern for vulnerable people and current Burnaby residents
– Loop and ramp closure
– No affordable housing
– No special needs housing
– Safety, traffic , noise, view, shadow, rat running, parking etc. impact on existing neighbourhoods  –
-Shape’s Master Plan video shows no disabled folk, elderly, kids, strollers, walkers, etc
Staff report for Council for  Shape’s Brentwood Tower 2
Official Brentwood Town Centre Com Plan 1996
All development is required to conform with these official plans until they are amended. There are major contrasts between the plans and the Tower/Shape proposal.
December 2010 “text amendment” report that increased density in Town Centres

Follow up report Feb 2011 that indefinitely delayed the consultation that was supposed to happen


Comments about height.

This should be clarified during this public hearing process.

The agenda says the proposal is for 53 stories atop a 3 story commercial podium. Total would be 56 storeys.

p4 2.5 of the report says 53 stories, but also says 70 stories is the maximum allowable for the Brentwood Towers .

Maximum height for RM5 (highest density residential zoning) is 55m/180 feet (storeys not mentioned) according to zoning bylaw for RM5. Maximum for Commercial C3 zoning is 10 stories or 121 feet.

City Hall says height is “variable” and there are not limits on that.

The proposed building is 611 feet (p6 of the report on this project).





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