Public Hearing: Metrotown SkyTrain station, plus 41- and 26-storey towers in Metrotown, Burnaby (22-July-2014)

An important Public Hearing will be held tonight, July 22, 2014, in Burnaby. Two major topics are changes to the Metrotown Skytrain station, and two large tower proposals — 41 and 26 storeys. Information is provided below. See links for more detail.

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Information about Council meetings in Burnaby, including web video link.

Agenda link is here for July 22, 2014. Below we cover just the first two items.

Item #1. Metrotown SkyTrain Station

The purpose of the proposed zoning bylaw amendment is to accommodate the expansion of the existing Metrotown Station. The proposed development involves the expansion and the architectural enhancement of the existing station to accommodate projected ridership demands over the next 30 years and to improve accessibility, safety, comfort and convenience of transit use within the core area of the Metrotown Town Centre.

Item #2. 6280 Cassie Avenue and 6331/6363/6377 McKay Avenue

The purpose of the proposed zoning bylaw amendment is to permit the development of
two residential apartment buildings, 41 – storeys (north apartment building) and 26 –
storeys (south apartment building) respectively, with a townhouse component and a
commercial office-retail component.

Any written comments, complaints, or analysis? Anything wrong with the planning and consultation process? We could post online. Is there any organized community response on this? Do many people typically turn up for public hearings? Media? If people are interested, how can they connect, with whom?

Short summary of the political situation in Burnaby.


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