Big week ahead: Will Port Moody go rogue, trigger dispute with Metro Vancouver?

Port Moody map 2013To anyone who is following planning issues in Port Moody and the dynamics of the Regional Growth Strategy of Metro Vancouver, Moody Centre Community Associations’ website is recommended reading. Especially now. MCCA points out some major topics going to Council on July 22, 2014.Below are just a few excerpts. For full details, please see their most recent posts online.

MCCA speculates that City Council might go rogue and trigger a dispute with Metro MCCA logoVancouver relating to a conflict between Port Moody’s Official Community Plan and the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Statement.

For background reading please see this article:
Port Moody mayor resists Metro board move to rezone waterfront industrial land: City has site earmarked for mixed development, but not for a long time” (by Kelly Sinoski, Vancouver Sun, 11-Jul-2014)

Excerpt from MCCA article.

Item 9.10 — Draft Official Community Plan, RGS Amendments and Next Steps

As reported last weekend, the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors approved two of Port Moody’s zoning requests, and denied two others (the Andres wine site, and the Mill and Timber, aka Flavelle, site). “Council may decide NOT to amend the OCP in either case and move forward with adoption of the OCP without the support of Metro Vancouver.”

For MCCA notes and agenda excerpts on Item 9.10, Draft Official Community Plan, RGS Amendments and Next Steps, see:

The Moody Centre Community Association states that it …. does not support the draft OCP, as it does not address many concerns raised by residents and communicated to Port Moody council and staff. These concerns are posted on the MCCA site in various places, including Community Feedback, MCCA Newsletters (prior to the start of this online site), and in the main blog section.

“Once adopted, the OCP has legal status which requires that all development and use of land be consistent with the policies of the plan.” (Source: City of Port Moody website)

Another topic attracting great interest is this:

Item 9.9 — Ioco Homes Height, Size, Siting Consultation
The town hall held last Tuesday on house size and height in Port Moody attracted a large crowd. For brief MCCA comments given the large scope of discussion, see:



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