Forest on North Vancouver school property will not be sold to developers

Braemar Elementary School N Van, credit Google MapsReblogged from North Van City Voices. Originally posted on Global News. Image courtesy Google Maps. MetroVanWatch notes this as a relatively rare example of a city council listening to public opinion on an unpopular development. Just barely. The vote was four to three.

A proposal that would see school property in the District of North Vancouver sold to developers was voted down by council last night.

Braemar Elementary [3600 McMahon Avenue, North Vancouver] had 1.3 acres of wooded area that North Vancouver School District was hoping to sell to Wedgewood Ventures. They proposed to build seven single family homes on the land, which would have raised $2.4 million for the district.

However, many local residents were against the plan and in the end, council voted 4-3 against the project.

James Fox of Wedgewood Ventures says they don’t know if they’ll submit a new proposal after this setback.

“We worked really hard, talking with neighbours, we came up with many different proposals. We thought we had one that worked very well. It’s very disappointing.”

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