Metro Vancouver staff recommend rejection of Delta’s Southlands application (media release from Southlands The Facts)

Google Earth Southlands in region earth view(As a public service, MetroVanWatch carries this media release from Southlands The Facts.)

May 21, 2014

Metro Staff Recommend Rejection of Southlands Application

In preparation for the May 23rd Metro Vancouver Board Meeting, Metro staff have published their findings on Delta’s application to re-zone the Urban Containment Boundary in Tsawwassen to accommodate the Southlands development. The May 15th Staff report recommend rejection of Delta’s request to amend the Regional Growth Strategy (RGS), highlighting numerous instances in which the application violates the core RGS planning principles, as well as outlining the precedence-setting nature of the decision, which could increase the development pressure on agricultural land. [MetroVanWatch note: To read the report, go to Metro Vancouver website here, look for “GVRD Board Meeting 2” on May 23, 2014, and click to download the agenda. The entire agenda is 26 MB in PDF format, and the relevant documentation starts on pages 270 – 369 of the total 437 pages.]

This report follows correspondence opposing the project from the City of Burnaby, TransLink, West Coast Environmental Law, as well as previous concerns from the Ministry of Agricultural regarding the community-based farming model. Public opinion was also staunchly opposed to the application, with 78% of correspondence received rejecting the current application.

“Throughout this process, we’ve seen intense lobbying efforts from the developer. However, given the many pitfalls associated with the development plan and the precedence-setting nature of allowing residential development on agricultural land, we are pleased that Metro Staff are recommending rejection of the Southlands application.” stated Dana Maslovat, one of the organizers of Southlands the Facts. “It is clear that the current application does not meet Metro’s Regional Growth Strategy planning principles, nor is it supported by the community and we are hopeful that Metro’s vote on May 23rd will come down on the side of democracy and common-sense, and deny the application.”

For further info contact:

Dana Maslovat OR Richard Kunz
lexdana AT telus DOT net
richard DOT kunz AT gmail DOT com

Southlands the Facts is a community based organization, which has been formed to represent citizens who are deeply concerned over the future rezoning of Southlands from agricultural to residential lands. We believe in intelligent development and community evolution, but it must preserve our open spaces, farmland and wildlife.

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