Lower Mainland Local Government Association (LMLGA) – key player in the region, 2014 annual meeting Whistler May 7, 8, 9 — governance analysis

CityHallWatch-ca, MetroVan RGS_8It flies under the radar, rarely getting mention in mainstream media. It operates largely as a forum for dialogue and advocacy  on important issues for the Lower Mainland. One could say that it has a significant impact on our region, though it is not directly accountable to the public, voters, and taxpayers.

But there is one glaring mystery — what internal processes of the LMLGA led to the Provincial Government’s abrupt and obstinate April 30 decision to  change civic elections from the current three years to every four years, starting immediately in November 2014? The murky origins of an LMLGA resolution to the Union of BC Municipalities in September 2013 are untraceable. There is no public record of its origins. Did the public ask for four year terms? Did member municipalities formally discuss four-year terms with their electorate? We don’t think so. In fact, in past polls, the public was against the idea.

What is the LMLGA? The Lower Mainland Local Government Association (www.lmlga.ca).

Its AGM and annual conference is in Whistler from May 7 to 9, 2014. Many resolutions are proposed, and the Annual Report and Resolutions document (PDF) is a useful resource (financial statements, budget of $143,686 in 2014, plus 2013 resolution responses, 2014 resolutions, Constitution and Bylaws, Executive policies, and lists of association and Executive members).

The LMLGA is one of the five area associations of the Union of BC Muncipalities. It includes 33 local governments (from Pemberton to Hope) and three regional districts (Squamish Lillooet Regional District, Metro Vancouver (GVRD), and Fraser Valley Regional District). Delegates are selected internally by municipal councils. The LMLGA “represents more than 2.5 million people, or more than 50 percent of British Columbia’s population” (from website).

It is a diverse region that includes BC’s eight largest urban centres, a wide variety of vibrant smaller cities, idyllic villages, remote rural landscapes, productive and valuable agricultural lands, and vast mountain ranges and forests. It is also BC’s principle gateway to Asia and the United States and is the economic and cultural hub of the province. The LMLGA is a non-profit organization whose stated purposes (from website) are:

  • to enhance and provide the format to improve and refine the quality and level of services provided by Local Government to its citizens
  • to promote the welfare and the well being of taxpayers and residents of the members of the Association
  • to promote and support to a satisfactory resolve, the concerns of members that are in keeping with the overall objectives of the Association
  • to promote and advance to UBCM on behalf of the membership, proposed changes in legislation, regulations, or Government policies.
  • To accomplish its purposes, the LMLGA has an Executive Board and several committees who meet regularly to advance the goals of the Association.

Useful links

Executive Board

The Executive Board of the LMLGA is a volunteer board elected at the Annual General Meeting in May. It is composed of 11 elected local government officials representing all members of the association. It meets on a monthly basis in Burnaby, at the Metro Vancouver offices, and is elected annually at the Annual General Meeting held in May every year. The 2013/14 Executive is listed below.

President – Councillor Patricia Heintzman, Squamish

  • First VP – Councillor Chuck Puchmayr, New Westminster
  • Second VP – Councillor Corisa Bell, Maple Ridge
  • Past President – Councillor Barbara Steele, Surrey

Directors at Large

  • Councillor Rick Glumac, Port Moody
  • Councillor Dave Hensman, Mission
  • Councillor Jason Lum, Chilliwack
  • Councillor Barinder Rasode, Surrey

Regional District Appointed Directors

  • Fraser Valley Regional District – Director Bill Dickey, Electoral Area D
  • Metro Vancouver (Greater Vancouver Regional District)- Councillor Raymond Louie, Vancouver
  • Squamish Lillooet Regional District – Director Susan Gimse, Electoral Area C

Executive meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month except for July, August and December, 12:30-2:30 pm, at the Metro Vancouver Offices (4330 Kingsway). If you have an issue that you would like to bring to the Executive’s attention, please write to Joslyn Young, Assistant, jyoung@ubcm.ca.

Links to LMLGA member municipalities (from website page): Member municipality and Regional District websites can be accessed through links below.



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