Not an April Fool’s joke: OCP endorsed by Land Use Committee April 1, 2014

The Moody Centre Community Association continues to monitor the process Port Moody’s Official Community Plan. See here for details of the status as of April 1, 2014.

Moody Centre Community Association

On April Fool’s Day , April 1, 2014, the Land Use Committee (LUC) voted in favour of the proposed OCP.

Is this your vision of St. John’s St?
St John's - looking east (Merrick 3D)

St. John’s Street, as illustrated by Merrick presentation commissioned by council.

If so, you may be happy.

The Land Use Committee votes were from 6 civilian members and all 7 members of council.  That in itself seemed curious because the Land Use Committee terms of reference are for the committee to make recommendations to council.  But council makes up more than half of the voting members of the committee.

The only dissenting votes were from Councillors Royer and Glumac, two out of a total of 13 people eligible to vote.

There were several speakers including me.

The meeting can be viewed at:

Key issues:

Legal:  Is the OCP really just a vision document with no legal ramifications?  [NO

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