“Port Moodytown” — towers and numbers

Moody Centre Community Association has put together a good analysis of population targets and 3D images being used in Port Moody’s discussions about its 30-year Official Community Plan. Port Moody is one of a number of municipalities taking its time to discuss a long term plan. Others, like Vancouver rammed through their plans to meet the July 2013 “deadline” to submit their “Regional Context Statement” to Metro Vancouver. Though Port Moody’s plans are controversial, at least the time extension is permitting more public involvement and scrutiny.

Moody Centre Community Association

What do the OCP numbers mean — and what might they look like?

3D rendering-Merrick Presentation-Sept 10 2013
Looking west (Inlet Centre area in foreground)

Council has agreed to lower Port Moody’s projected population numbers from 59,000 to 50,000, but it is unclear as to how that will affect the draft OCP map or the Evergreen Line sub-areas.

Sub-area pop increases

See OCP backgrounder fact sheet for more.

Numbers — Port Moody’s high rises (all in Inlet Centre area)
The average number of storeys is 26 (the range is 20 to 28).
The average number of units is 169 (the range is 133 to 216).
Towers, Port Moody examples

If  the population increases for the Evergreen line “sub-areas” were all housed in “average” high rises, it would require:

51 total new towers for Moody Centre and Inlet Centre (approximately, assuming averages of 25 storeys each and 338 people per tower).

If the average # of people per unit is calculated…

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