EcoDensity Policy undermined planning in Vancouver: Wendy Sarkissian

CityHallWatch: Tools to engage in Vancouver city decisions

ecodensity-brochure-cover-269x300Below we carry excerpts of an article on how the popular CityPlan program in Vancouver was replaced by the unpopular EcoDensity policy, which still underpins city planning here today. (Click for our meeting report/video on CityPlan June 2013.) The article is by Wendy Sarkissian, a Canadian-born planner and consultant who has lived in Australia for 45 years. Wendy wrote this article for an Australian audience, but it is a very good summary on these topics. (Note that Wendy is visiting Vancouver until January 29 and CityHallWatch may be hosting a meeting with her. Please write if you are interested.)

As Vancouverites examine the ills of our civic system (see image here) during election year 2014, this article is a good background to understand how planning and politics got to where we are today. For starters, here is a useful eight-point summary of Wendy’s observations…

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