Learn to identify news stories that are actually ads: Ad-proofing tip #89 from Bruce Chambers, The Ad Guy

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Tip #89 (from theadguy.ca)
Learn to identify news stories that are actually ads.
In the early 20th century, the news media were naïve about marketing, and often allowed marketers to feed them news stories that were little more than product ads. Today, news organizations are more savvy, but they’re also even more prone to manipulation. Thanks to falling viewership / readership, tight budgets and staff cutbacks, the media are desperate for quick-and-easy access to content and future ad revenue. By running stories lifted directly from corporate media releases, they save time and money, and build goodwill with corporations who may be inclined to purchase ads. Yes, there are some legitimate feel-good news stories about successful local companies, but most stories that make positive comments about a brand name are little more than ads and should be immediately ignored.

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