Port Moody Official Community Plan back to Council Jan 7

Westport artists renderingMoody Centre Community Association (MCCA) is reporting that Port Moody’s draft Official Community Plan (OCP) is going back to council for discussion on Tuesday, January 7, 2014.

A number of municipalities have not yet submitted a “Regional Context Statement” to Metro Vancouver. Top-down pressure from the regional government has been used by some municipalities to circumvent due process in public consultation. For example, Vancouver rushed to quietly approve its RCS in July 2013 with questionable practices. Others are months past the July 29, 2013 deadline. Port Moody has been taken good steps, including chapter-by-chapter reading in Council, plus open houses and a town hall meeting. But MCCA says that many questions and concerns have not yet been addressed. Let’s hope that Port Moody city council will take the time required to address these concerns to the satisfaction of the general public, and will not short-circuit the last stages of public consultation. For full story, click here.

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One Response to Port Moody Official Community Plan back to Council Jan 7

  1. mccapm says:

    Some of the concerns:
    * Open houses and town halls were scheduled only after substantial negative public feedback.
    * Open houses included potential developers as presenters (non-neutral environment).
    * Town halls had overflow attendance; people sat in aisles, crowds stood in the back, and many others went home due to lack of space. Speaking time limits (not communicated in advance of meeting) resulted in speakers being cut-off mid-sentence.
    * City “statistics” citing support have not been supported by evidence.

    We hope council is listening and will address deficiencies in this plan.

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