Former Surrey city planner took bribes from developers (article in The Province)

This is a story in The Province that deserves noting, for future reference. This is one case in one municipality, but we would like to note especially the types of actions done by which players. The case only came to light due to one developer reporting it. The public should ask each municipality what kinds of auditing, scrutiny, checks and balances are in place to ensure that similar crimes are prevented. How can the public be assured of the integrity of the systems? To be continued…

Former Surrey city planner who took bribes from developers to be sentenced today (by Jennifer Saltman, The Province, 28-Nov-2013)

  • A former Surrey city planner took bribes from developers.
  • Charges were for breach of trust involving a townhouse development. Charges also include municipal corruption, lying to deceive the city, fraudulent concealment and accepting a bribe.
  • The planner was responsible for collecting fees owed by developers whose applications were assigned to him and reporting to the city whether an applicant had paid the required fees and fulfilled the preconditions.
  • The developer alleged that the planner approached him to pay a bribe of tens of thousands of dollars in exchange for saving money on development fees.
  • The City of Surrey fired the planner and filed a lawsuit against him, later adding unnamed developers and one person who helped the planner.
  • The suit alleges breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, intentional and negligent misrepresentation, conversion and misappropriation of funds, fraud and deceit.
  • Criminal charges were not laid until nearly a year after the civil suit was filed.

Full story:

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