Are there issues with Architectural models? Examples from recent projects. Watch list for citizens.

Download the checklist for reference on projects in your own municipality. Specific cases and mention of the Urban Design Panel relate to Vancouver, but the techniques used are universal. The public and media would do well to be aware of how these things work.

CityHallWatch: Tools to engage in Vancouver city decisions

One of the tools used to show development proposals is the architectural model. These models are perhaps the most direct and accessible way of representing the scale of a building proposal.

Unlike computer renderings made from fixed locations, it’s possible for an observer to view a model from many different vantage points by simply walking around it. This is perhaps the reason why many participants at City-sponsored Open Houses gather around a model and why the Urban Design Panel discusses applications while standing around the models.

However, can there be issues even with scale models? We’ve collected a checklist of items for citizens to look out for. Download (Checklist tricks architectural models, CityHallWatch, 22-Nov-2013) or see at bottom of this post.

One common problem is the addition of non-existent buildings to models. There are instances when buildings are included that are not even in the rezoning application…

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