Delta Council votes 5 to 1 for Southlands development on farmland. Next is Metro Vancouver decision.

Delta Council 2013, credit Corp of DeltaToday, November 8, 2013, Delta’s Mayor and Council approved third reading of the “Southlands” application on a 500-acre parcel of land in southeast Tsawwassen. The vote was 5 to 1 in favour, with Councillor Sylvia Bishop the lone opponent to the application. Opponents of the project cite many problems with the process, and many unanswered questions. Police were present at the meeting.

Archive web video (1 hour 44 minutes) of today’s meeting is available for viewing online and for download here. Reconvened Southlands Public Hearing followed by Special Meeting:

As a result of today’s Council decision, the application for the controversial development by Century Group on farmland will be forwarded next to Metro Vancouver for review and decision. We do not know the date for a Metro Vancouver Board (biweekly) or committee meeting to review this application. The agenda for November 15 is already posted, and the next meeting is November 29.

Although the meeting received a summary of the volumes of correspondence received, no indication was provided on the numbers of public comments for and against the development application. Metro Vancouver must now consider not only public input but also whether or not this proposal violates planning principles of the Regional Growth Strategy. The decision will be a test case for the RGS. Will it set a precedent for agricultural land swaps in exchange for development on farmland? For more information visit See also our recent posts on this topic.

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  1. More reaction to #southlands vote by Delta Council. 

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  2. A developer can work closely with citizens in planning a project that is good for everyone. Sean Hodgins did that with #Southlands for 7 yrs

    Followed by Danny Halarewich and 115 others


  3. #Delta Planning & Engineering staff to be commended for their very diligent and professional consideration of #Southlands application

    Favorited by Emory Davidge


  4. Congratulations to @CenturyThinking on the approval of the #southlands project in Tsawwassen. Exciting to see such an innovative plan pass.

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    1. Southlands Riding Cl@SRC1943

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    2. Southlands Voice@SouthlandsVoice
  6. #Breaking #DeltaBC council votes for controversial #Southlands development proposal. Now goes to @MetroVancouver for public hearings

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  7. Delta councl approves #Southlands development. Somehow doubt this ends 30yrs of controversy over the property. 

  8. #Delta council approves controversial development for Tsawwassen’s #Southlands. Our story here:  More to come.

  9. #southlands passes 3rd reading 6-1 at #DeltaBC council. Standing ovation in council chambers by supporters.

  10. JUST IN: The #Southlands development project has been approved by #DeltaBC Council. @AMacOnAir has more coming up.

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  11. After many years of debate, looks like controversial #Southlands proposal is going ahead. #DeltaBC

  12. You can pretty much guarantee #Southlands proposal will pass #DeltaBC council vote. Majority of 5 councillors for. Actual vote pending

  13. #southlands Coun. McDonald says floodplain levels will be met..

  14. Waiting for official vote, but looks like #southlands will pass, and it will now be up to metro Vancouver. #cbc

  15. Clr Hamilton makes it 4-1 calls latest #southlands proposal best compromise. Dev on poorest soil, the rest stays farmland or grnspace #cbc

  16. Councilor Jeannie Kanakos is in favor of the #Southlands as well! We only need one more ‘Yes’ vote for the proposal to pass! #TsawwassenBC

  17. News1130’s @amaconair at #DeltaBC City Hall for #Southlands development vote. She’ll have results when they come in.

  18. Follow our @ksinoski for news on the controversial Delta #Southlands development decision.

  19. #DeltaBC councillor Sylvia Bishop warns of dangers of building homes on a flood plain. Says no #Southlands until secure dykes built

  20. #DeltaBC councillor Ian Paton says #Southlands development site on farmland with poor soil/prone to flooding. Better farm land preserved

  21. Related Searches: #deltabc#delta

  22. #DeltaBc councillor Ian Paton says understands both sides of #Southlands issue but if done right development on farmland not a bad thing

    Favorited by Tiffany Kwong


  23. Coun Ian Paton speaking in favour of #southlands. More to come

  24. Coun Robert Campbell moved 3rd reading in #southlands proposal. #DeltaBC

  25. #DeltaBC council about to vote on controversial #Southlands development proposal

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  26. 1696 pieces of written correspondence were received by council concerning the #Southlands! #TsawwassenBC

    1. #southlands council chamber full..about even crowd of opponents and pro..hearing about to start

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  27. #southlands crowd growing for pivotal meeting..Sean Hodgins on hand..opponents say hope council does right thing

  28. @BC_Iconoclast The idea of decades ago would have covered #Southlands in houses. This plan saves 80% of the land for community farming.

  29. sorry, my mistake – #southlands hearings for Delta development adjourned til Friday

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  30. for anyone curious, here is the #southlands story @michaelgeller mentioned –  hearings have now concluded

  31. Do you feel safe walking on the streets of #Southlands? Some real concern shown on traffic see this 

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  32. Council restricts feedback to written only on #Delta #Southlands proposal 

  33. Update: #Southlands public hearing concludes abruptly on Saturday – South Delta Leader … #bcpoli #vanpoli

  34. MT .@KatjaKanada “Wow! #Dunbar#Southlands saw 354 demolitions of older houses in 4 years,up 332.3%

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  35. Concise summary of #Southlands public hearing to date. #Tsawwassen citizens at the hearing evenly divided. 

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    1. The #Southlands public hearing will take Halloween off and resume on Friday #deltabc 

  36. “It seems reasonable to allow development on a portion of the #Southlands property.” 

  37. #southlands #deltabc hearing wraps..continues Friday at 3pm so far reached around 250 speakers

  38. My iPhone is almost dead. Still haven’t heard when #southlands will continue but word on the street is definitely not Halloween. Friday.

    1. #southlands “silent majority” comments coming as well at public hearing…looking like it continues Friday

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  39. Third day of #Southlands public hearing has started. 100+ speakers still on the list after 143 speakers already heard from. #Tsawwassen

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  40. If there was one word to describe #Southlands what would it be? 

  41. Agrologist Holm offered 9-months free #southlands purchase, apprentice/coop 4 young farmers. Delta no reply?  #bcpoli

  42. Susan Jordan says #southlands irrigation costs to taxpayers $7 million, drainage $6 million  #bcpoli Hearing starts3pm

  43. There’s been a lot in the news about #Southlands but don’t be confused. @SouthlandsVoice is in Vancouver not Delta. 

  44. Well put. RT @BobRansford: Why approve the application for the #Southlands? This letter sums it up best: 

  45. Proposed #Southlands housing development goes up for debate 

  46. What’s your story? Do you live and love your #Southlands neighbourhood, then tell us why. 

  47. Having a fun, but messy morning with my family at the #Southlands Farms Pumpkin Patch! #Vancouver 

  48. #Southlands is a community protected by RA-1 guidelines – surprised to find mega-houses like this being built there.

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