Plans for elevated Evergreen Line track surprises community (Port Moody) (News1130 story)

Plans for elevated Evergreen Line track surprises community
They say they found out “by accident”
by Mike Lloyd, November 7, 2013

PORT MOODY (NEWS1130) – A group of people living in Port Moody has some big complaints about the Evergreen Line, as construction on the new rapid transit route ramps up.

Many people living at the Klahanie townhouse and condo complex in Port Moody claim they’ve been blindsided by plans for an elevated track right by their homes.

“Klahanie residents totally support public transit and the EGL (Evergreen Line) in general,
but we don’t support the raised track going through our neighbourhood,” says Jen Dolsen, a Klahanie resident and spokesperson for the group.

“All designs that we ever saw had the EGL running at grade. We became aware on October 2nd, during a chance meeting with EGL, who were there to talk to one of our stratas about landscaping and whatnot. We found out by accident, basically, that the tracks were going to be elevated through our neighbourhood,” she tells News1130.

Dolsen says videos, maps and other information posted on the project’s website as far back as January 2012 show the Evergreen Line running at ground level through her neighbourhood.

See full article here:

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