Mayor abruptly ends oral presentations at Southlands public hearing, adjourns til Nov 8

Delta Council 2013, credit Corp of DeltaMinutes after Delta Mayor Lois Jackson announced the end of the Public Hearing on the controversial Southlands rezoning today, apparently with 100 people still signed up to speak, the Corporation of Delta website carried this message, excerpt copied below. She reportedly stated that written submissions can be received until Thursday, November 7 (see city website for instructions).

Public Hearing Update: Closed to Oral Submissions and Adjourned to Friday November 8, 2013

Using powers vested in her under the Local Government Act, Mayor Lois E. Jackson has closed the Public Hearing for the Southlands bylaws and permits to further oral submissions, while leaving it open to written submissions.

The Public Hearing is adjourned and will reconvene at 9:00 am Friday, November 8, 2013 in the Council Chamber at Delta Municipal Hall, 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent, Delta, BC.

The Mayor and Council were satisfied, on the basis of legal advice they received, that this action provided a reasonable opportunity for members of the public to make their views known regarding the bylaws and permits, while enabling the Council and staff to continue to fulfill their other duties in a timely manner. See more information including the written submission deadline.

Public Hearing Q & A Responses [Note: Some locals challenge the contents of these answer by Corporation of Delta staff]

Correspondence on this matter addressed to Mayor and Council between July 30, 2013 and the conclusion of the Public Hearing will form part of the public record for this Public Hearing. Correspondence relating to the Southlands that was received prior to July 30, 2013 will be available for viewing by the public and Council members during the Public Hearing, but will not form part of the public record for this Public Hearing.

Anyone who provided correspondence on this matter before July 30, 2013 and wishes it to be included in the public record for this Public Hearing should resubmit their correspondence prior to the conclusion of the Public Hearing. 

Please note that Council may not receive further submissions from the public or interested persons concerning the project after the Public Hearing has concluded.

– See more at:

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