Mount Pleasant Community Plan Implementation plan – in Council Oct 23 – Serious problems of process and content

Metro Vancouver region’s citizens in other municipalities need to know how things are going in Vancouver. Clearly the problems of top-down, opaque civic control, and frustration experienced by communities, are systemic problems across the region and within the bureaucracy of Metro Vancouver as well. One step toward fixing the ills is shining a spotlight on what is going on, and talking about the problems at the regional level.

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Mount Pleasant Main StreetBelow we share information received from some members of the Mount Pleasant Implementation Committee.

This is an important case, with lessons significant citywide. Mount Pleasant is near the end of a long, frustrating “consultation” saga on its community plan. Other neighbourhoods should take note of how City Hall functions.We believe what we are witnessing is a sign of deep systemic problems.

The Mount Pleasant Community Plan Implementation document goes before City Council as agenda #7 on the committee meeting starting 9:30 am on Wednesday, October 23, 2013. Citizens of Vancouver who feel affected and have an opinion are encouraged to write or speak to Council (instructions here). If you are short of time, it is worth sending even just a note saying the current plan should be tabled and the City should go back to the community with a revised time frame and dramatically improved Mount Pleasant Community Plan Implementation doc Oct 2013 coverconsultation process.


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