Citizens Against Port Expansion (CAPE) launches “sit-on” Sept 3 against log removal in Boundary Bay

To protest Port Metro Vancouver’s plans for what it calls salt marsh restoration work (including the removal of logs to improve fish habitat), Delta community groups are planning a “sit on” (rather than a sit-in) at 9 am, Tuesday, September 3, 2013, at the foot of 64th Street, next to the Boundary Bay dike. For background, see this video by Citizens Against Port Expansion (CAPE).

Vancouver Sun reporter Larry Pynn has written an article on this story, Port Metro Vancouver cited for ‘greenwashing’ in contentious habitat restoration works on Boundary Bay.

Excerpt: “… residents feel there is no need for the Boundary Bay shoreline to be restored, and are concerned that the port is conducting the work as part of a “habitat banking” program to improve certain areas and offset destruction associated with port development, which could include the planned federal Terminal 2 container expansion project at Roberts Bank.” “This is ‘greenwashing’, just to make them look good in the public eye,” said Anne Murray, a naturalist and author of A Nature Guide to Boundary Bay.


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