Civic campaign spending and donations

North Van City Voices

Resolutions being considered at the UBCM Convention (Sep 17-20):

Page 84 refers to civic campaign spending and donations.  However, there is another point of view that even without union and corporate donations, the candidates with that support would still have the labour available to conduct campaigns (phone banks etc):

from Integrity BC: 

In the 2011 election, Vision Vancouver, the NPA, & COPE spent $5 million. The largest single donation? $960,000. Next month the UBCM will be debating a motion to support Vancouver’s request to cap civic campaign spending & donations in time for the 2014 elections. Most Canadian cities already do.  This motion is being sponsored by the City of Vancouver.

 “UBCM petition the provincial government to amend the Local Government Act and the Vancouver Charter to:

• set limits on the annual amount of contributions that can be given by an individual or organization to an elector…

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2 Responses to Civic campaign spending and donations


    Dear Randy,

    Thanks for forwarding this; I certainly hope that the proposed amendments are enacted to help to ensure a more level playing field in which the results are not skewed by the contributions of developers and unions to local campaigns.


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