Vancouver vs New York. Robertson vs Bloomberg. Compare! See New York Times review of Bloomberg’s legacy

Several other municipalities in the Metro Vancouver region may find it interesting to compare with what’s gone on in New York. Similar themes, different scale?

CityHallWatch: Tools to engage in Vancouver city decisions

A reader has sent us links to The Bloomberg Years in TheNew York Times, a fascinating review of the impacts of Michael Bloomberg’s years as mayor of New York City. His third and final term is in its final months. Vancouverites may find it interesting to compare. First, click How Bloomberg Reshaped New York to see this animation and image sequence  — housing boom, a third of the city rezoned, the battle of bicycle versus automobile, and neighbourhood transformation.

NYT Bloomberg Years, third of city rezoned during tenure, 18-Aug-2013

The introduction states: “Parks, pedestrian plazas, stadiums — and construction everywhere. Mayor Bloomberg’s legacy includes profound changes to the landscape of the city, among them 40,000 new buildings.”

Between New York and Vancouver we see interesting trends, similarities and differences, worthy of deeper discussion about what’s going on, underlying influences, and the impacts of global factors. All cities operate within a greater context.

In the case of Vancouver, Gregor…

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