Surrey’s Official Community Plan – deadline July 11 for public input on 30-year plan, regional context statement

We copy below information adapted from the City of Surrey’s website. A public open house and presentation to City Council were held on June 27. The deadline for public input on the long-term (30-year) Official Community Plan is July 11, 2013. MetroVanWatch has some questions about the extent of public notification about this process. We have noted some irregularities, such as the apparent “glitch” in 2011 that resulted in Surrey residents having no advance notice that the Regional Growth Strategy was going to public hearing in February 2011. What percentage of Surrey citizens actually know this process is under way? Why have the media been completely silent?

OCP Update

OCP June 27, 2013 Open House Display Boards

The City of Surrey held an Open House on June 27, 2013, to give the public an overview of the Plan’s content and to provide an opportunity to review the draft document. See the information boards displayed at the Open House.

Let the City of Surrey know if you have any questions or comments about the content of the draft Official Community Plan.

The deadline to send in comments is July 11, 2013.

Contact Information:
Carla Stewart, Senior Policy Planner
Phone: 604-591-4594
Fax: 604-591-2507
Mail: 14245 – 56 Avenue; Surrey, BC V3X 3A2

Public Open House to Review the Draft Official Community Plan (OCP) (PDF. New window.)
Thursday, June 27, 2013, 5pm to 8pm
Surrey City Hall – 14245 – 56th Avenue

The public had a chance at Surrey City Hall to review the draft of the Official Community Plan, the City-wide document that directs the growth and evolution of Surrey over the next 30 years. A presentation on the major issues identified in the Plan was provided from 6 pm to 7 pm in Council Chambers.

Information boards and a draft copy of the plan were available for review in the City Hall main hallway between 5 pm to 8pm. City Staff were to be on hand to answer questions and receive feedback and input into the draft policies and statements. Information gathered at this Open House will help the City fine tune the draft prior to going to Council for final approval and adoption. For more information, call 604-591-4594.

Draft Surrey OCP 2013 now available

PlanSurrey2013, the new draft Official Community Plan for Surrey is now available for viewing.

Draft OCP Sections:

Table of Contents
Planning Context
Land Uses and Densities
Theme A Policies
Theme B Policies
Theme C Policies
Theme D Policies
Theme E Policies
Theme F Policies
Regional Context Statement

The City appreciates any comments, suggestions, or feedback regarding the OCP draft. Phone 604-591-4594 or by e-mail.

OCP Objectives

Surrey Official Community Plan By-law No. 12900The Official Community Plan (OCP) is a statement of objectives and policies that guide City planning decisions.

Taking a comprehensive and long-term perspective, the Plan provides guidance for

  • the physical structure of the City,
  • land use management,
  • industrial, commercial and residential growth,
  • transportation systems,
  • community development,
  • provision of City services and amenities,
  • agricultural land use,
  • environmental protection, and
  • enhanced social well-being.

The OCP is established under the authority of the Province of British Columbia’s Local Government Act (Website. New window.)

Current Official Community Plan

The current edition of the OCP is based on a major review completed in January 2002.

Access the Official Community Plan By-Law 12900 (PDF. New window.)

View the Official Community Plan Land Use Map (PDF. New window.)

Official Community Plan Review

The City of Surrey conducts a review of the OCP on an annual basis. View the annual reviews from 2003 to 2012. A major update of the plan is currently in process.

– See more at:

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