Metro Vancouver board meetings May 24 – agenda excerpts

Metro Vancouver (Greater Vancouver Regional District) Board meeting agendas for May 24, 2013 are now online. The meetings will be webcast while in progress:

Below is a list of the meetings, which are all run in a series starting at 9 am at the headquarters in Burnaby.

  • GVRD Board Meeting 1 – Parks
  • GVRD Board Meeting 2 – Regular
  • GVS&DD Board Meeting – (Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District) 
  • GVWD Board Meeting – (Greater Vancouver Water District)

Below are selected excerpts, with comments — we copy these here to assist future text searches. We apply bold to text to highlight some items. For the latest official agendas and documents please go directly to the Metro Vancouver website.

Agenda for Board meeting

Click to access WD_24-May-13_AGE.pdf

1.1 Metro Vancouver’s 2012/13 and 2013/14 TAC Operational Funding Application to
Secure Funding from UBCM for the Katzie and Tsleil-Waututh Treaty Tables

2.1 New Agriculture Water Demand Model for Metro Vancouver
That the Board receive for information this report, dated April 23, 2013, introducing
the new agriculture water model developed for the Metro Vancouver region.

MetroVanWatch comment: Very interesting reading. See attachments.

2.2 Managing Concurrent Regional Growth Strategy Amendment and Regional
That the Board endorse the report dated April 23, 2013, outlining an approach and
timelines for managing concurrent Regional Context Statement acceptance and
Regional Growth Strategy amendment processes.

MetroVanWatch comment: This is a VERY important topic. The Board is being asked to endorse a committee report on processes to amend these important documents now and in the future. See our summary of status of all municipalities as of early May 2013: We urge citizens around the entire region to check on their own municipalities, and talk to their elected officials about the RCS. In most cases, the RCS will become the Official Development Plan submitted to the provincial government, and guide your urban development for decades to come. For a full list of municipalities’ current ODPs see here.

2.3 City of Vancouver Draft Regional Context Statement – Request for Metro
Vancouver Board Comment
That the Board provide comments, as laid out in the report titled “City of Vancouver
Draft Regional Context Statement – Request for Metro Vancouver Board Comment”,
dated May 1, 2013, and the associated Attachment 3, to the City of Vancouver on
their draft Regional Context Statement.

MetroVanWatch comment: This is about the City of Vancouver’s draft submission of its RCS to the GVRD. The City held a public open house on May 16, deadline for comments May 23, and a Public Hearing is set for June 11. CityHallWatch has written about the topic and failure of due process for public consultation for this Official Development Plan and Regional Context Statement. See for example


3.1 Air Quality Impacts of New and Expanded Coal Shipment Activity in Metro Vancouver
1) That the Board write to Port Metro Vancouver to:
a. request detailed information on their review processes for permit
applications for expanded and new coal handling infrastructure at Neptune
Terminals and Fraser Surrey Docks respectively, and request a formalized
procedure in the referral of project review processes between Port Metro
Vancouver and Metro Vancouver;
b. advise of their support for the inclusion of health impact assessment in the
review of expanded and new coal handling infrastructure, as suggested by
the Vancouver Coastal Health and Fraser Health authorities; and
c. express opposition to coal shipments from the Fraser River Estuary other
than the existing Roberts Bank coal port.
2) That the Board request Port Metro Vancouver, Transport Canada and
Environment Canada require the necessary mitigation measures and monitoring
to address emission sources that are not within the jurisdiction of Metro

MetroVanWatch comment: This appears to be follow up on committee meeting we have covered earlier.

4.1 GVRD Nominee to the 2013-2014 E-Comm Board of Directors
That the Board designate Gayle Martin as Metro Vancouver nominee to the E-Comm
Board of Directors for the 2013-2014 term.

4.2 Delegation Executive Summaries Presented at Committee – May 2013
That the Board receive for information the report dated May 13, 2013 titled
Delegation Executive Summaries Presented at Committee – May 2013 containing a
summary received from the following delegates:
A. Jeff Scott, CEO President, Fraser Surrey Docks
B. Eoin Madden, Climate Campaigner, Wilderness Committee
C. Kathryn Harrison, Voters Taking Action Against Climate Change
D. Jack Hall, Kids for Climate Action
E. Laura Benson, Coal Campaigner, Dogwood Initiative

MetroVanWatch comment: These relate to the coal port topic. Public input to the committee. It is interesting to read what these groups have submitted, and also interesting for the public to learn and be aware of processes for delegations to speak to Metro Vancouver committees. See our coverage of the coal topic separately here:


4.3 Metro Vancouver External Agency Activities – Status Report May 3024
That the Board receive for information the following reports from Metro Vancouver
representatives to external organizations:
a) Report on Fraser Basin Council from Director Barbara Steele;
b) Report on Lower Mainland Local Government Association Flood Control and
River Management Committee from Director Mae Reid;
c) Report on the Municipal Finance Authority of British Columbia from Directors M.
Brodie, D. Corrigan, R. Walton, G. Moore, M. Reid, D. Mussatto, M. Clay, R.
Louie, M. Hunt, W. Wright;
d) Report on the Sasamat Volunteer Fire Department from Councillor Michael
as contained in the report dated May 13, 2013, titled “Metro Vancouver External
Agency Activities – Status Report May 2013”.

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