Metro Vancouver Meeting May 16th – Topic – Coal Shipments

Metro Vancouver Meeting May 16th – Coal Shipments –

(Epilogue from Donna Passmore: In a close vote, Metro Vancouver’s Environment and Parks Committee supported a motion tabled by Harold Steves that no new coal ports would be added in the Fraser River Estuary. Port Metro Vancouver had been trying to add a coal port to the Surrey Docks, and then have the coal shipped along the Fraser. Original post continues…)

A meeting of the Metro Vancouver Environment Committee at 9 am on Thursday, May 16, 2013 , is slated to hear a motion by Richmond Councillor and Metro board director Harold Steves. The motion essentially calls for Metro Vancouver to oppose the creation of any new coal ports in the Fraser River estuary. The full agenda of the meeting is here in PDF format.

The motion is likely to come under item 5.7 Air Quality Impacts of New and Expanded Coal Shipment Activity in Metro Vancouver. Note that Port Metro Vancouver is heavily represented at this meeting.

It would be difficult for a member of the public to address the committee due to the way information is made public. This is typical with Metro Vancouver, another example of this unelected bureaucracy not being directly accountable to the public. Although the Agenda was only made public a few days ago, a person who wants to speak to any of the matters on it would have had to submit a written request 9 days ago. 

People can express their concerns directly to members of committees. Here is a list of members of the Board of Directors.

Here is contact information for some members of the Environment and Parks Committee below.

Heather Deal (Chair of Committee/City of Vancouver) –
Bruce Banman (Abbotsford) – 604-864-5500
Sav Dhaliwal (Burnaby) –
Bob Long (Langley Township) 604-671-8948
Barbara Steele (Surrey) – 604-594-4436
Harold Steves (City of Richmond) –
Andrew Stone (Bowen Island) (604) 788-6777
Deb Walters (Pitt Meadows) 604-465-2416

Other members of the Committee (requires more research for direct contact info):
Gayle Martin, City of Langley
Judy Dueck, Maple Ridge
Mike Little, District of North Vancouver
Selina Robinson, City of Coquitlam

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