North Okanagan Regional Growth Strategy (RGS)

Regional Growth Strategies are mandated under legislation enacted under the B.C. Liberals under the Gordon Campbell regime. It is interesting to note and compare how RGSs were adopted and are being implemented in different jurisdictions. This gives us context for the Metro Vancouver region, the one with the largest population in B.C. Our attention was drawn to the North Okanagan Regional Growth Strategy by a news story about that region conducting a Regional Quality of Life Survey. Here we compile a bit of information gleaned from websites, for future reference.
Regional District of North Okanagan

Following three years of community engagement and participation during the development of the North Okanagan Regional Growth Strategy, the Board of Directors adopted the Regional District’s new Regional Growth Strategy Bylaw No. 2500, 2011 on September 21, 2011. This strategy has evolved through a four year process which was a partnership between the Regional District and our member municipalities. Our elected officials guided the process wisely and we consulted with hundreds of people, stakeholders, and organizations during the development of this plan. First Nations were invited to participate in all aspects of this process. It has involved a wide cross‐section of people including politicians, developers, business people, residents, planners, experts, students, First Nations, community groups and not for profit organizations, all of which contributed to the Regional Growth Strategy Bylaw. A huge thank you to all who participated in the Regional Growth Strategy process!

Elected Officials and staff, public, community organizations, developers, and professionals, such as architects, engineers, planners and landscape architects, will use the Regional Growth Strategy to understand the values and vision of North Okanagan communities on a number of policy areas including housing, land uses, transportation, services, infrastructure and amenities. They will also use the Regional Growth Strategy to understand which areas are suitable for urban levels of development and those which are not. The public can use the Regional Growth Strategy to better understand regional issues and how they can be addressed.

Quality of Life Survey

In September 2011, the communities of the North Okanagan unanimously adopted their new Regional Growth Strategy. The North Okanagan Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) is a regional document that outlines sustainability and land use policies to carry us forward over the next 20 years. While you may be unfamiliar with the RGS, you will be familiar with its impacts. It is the basis for regional planning and guides initiatives and decisions that improve the quality of life for our residents. As part of the RGS Monitoring and Evaluation program, we want to know what you think about our quality of life in the North Okanagan. The following survey questions relate to each of the 9 policy areas included in the RGS.



Survey targets local quality of life, May 10, 2013


Excerpt: The Regional District of North Okanagan launches the 2013 quality of life survey today. The survey will help evaluate the effectiveness of the regional growth strategy and to identify regional priorities. It asks a diverse range of questions about quality of life, community character and regional growth policy areas such as transportation, the environment, water resources, community infrastructure and agriculture,” said Anthony Kittel, regional growth strategy co-ordinator.


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