Important items at May 3 Metro Regional Planning & Ag Committee – water, food, Regional Growth Strategy, Regional Context Statements

The May 3, 2013 meeting of the Regional Planning and Agriculture Committee carried some important items for the Regional Growth Strategy and Regional Context Statements.

The complete agenda file with attachments is here (6 MB in PDF):

Selected agenda items:

4.1 Ted van der Gulik, Engineering Manager, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
Subject: New Agriculture Water Demand Model for Metro Vancouver

5.1 New Agriculture Water Demand Model for Metro Vancouver [see page 11/136 of agenda for details]

5.2 Proposed Regional Food System Roundtable [see page 15/136 of agenda for details]

5.3 Managing Concurrent Regional Growth Strategy Amendment and Regional Context Statement Acceptance Processes
[see page 19/136 of agenda for details]
Note: This outlines an approach and timelines for managing concurrent Regional Context Statement acceptance and Regional Growth Strategy amendment processes.

MetroVanWatch comment: Many of the affected local governments are preparing to request changes to the Regional Growth Strategy. Citizens in every municipality should know the process and stay involved. These are test cases for the functioning of the RGS. Critical dates are indicated. See page 20/136. This is an important document for anyone following the planning process. 

5.4 City of Vancouver Draft Regional Context Statement – Request for Metro
Vancouver Board Comment

MetroVanWatch note: This is important  for citizens of Vancouver.  See Vancouver’s submission to Metro Vancouver (page 30/136), and the Metro Vancouver response back (page 127/136). 

5.5 Manager’s Report, from Delia Laglagaron, Deputy CAO, General Manager, Planning, Policy and Environment

MetroVanWatch note: This is important. See the Regional Planning and Agriculture Committee workplan for 2013 on page 132/136, and the current status of Regional Context Statements on page 131/136.  

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