Zero Waste? Not When It Comes To Metro Vancouver Politicians, says Canadian Taxpayers Federation

This press release was posted by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s Jordan Bateman.

VANCOUVER, B.C. (26-Nov-2012): The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) is calling on five regional mayors and councillors to pay back more than $2,000 in meeting fees they collected for taking part in Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste Challenge conference on September 14.

According to documents obtained by the CTF through a Freedom of Information request, the five regional politicians were paid a total of $2,076 in meeting fees for the conference, despite the fact that 20 non-elected speakers – including the keynote – volunteered their time and waived their usual honorariums for the conference.

  • Five Metro politicians collected $2,076 in meeting fees while non-elected speakers volunteered their time
  • Brodie, Corrigan, Jackson, Hunt and Reimer should pay the money back

Read the full press release:

MetroVanWatch’s recommended action: Write Metro Vancouver Chair Greg Moore asking for more fiscal care of taxpayers’ money, and write to the politicians named asking them to refund what they received.

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