Monsanto sending big guns into Richmond city council tonight to counter GMO ban

(Update – 28-May-2013. That night a year ago, Richmond city council rejected Monsanto’s advances. And just a few days ago Vancouver citizens held a major protest against Monsanto. Story here Now, our original story from May 28, 2012, continues…) The eyes of the world should watch a city council meeting of Richmond, British Colombia, Canada tonight, May 28, as global mega-corporation Monsanto sends in a corporate lobby group (CropLifereportedly a public relations wing of Monsanto and other biotech companies) to pressure the council to weaken or reject a motion passed last week banning genetically-engineered crops.

Richmond is highly urbanized suburb of Vancouver that still has large areas of agricultural farmland in production. On May 22, 2012, Richmond city council unanimously passed a resolution to make Richmond the eighth GE free crop zone in B.C. The city staff report on the topic, and wording of the resolution is on the city’s website here:

The regular council meeting must ratify the motion to have effect. The meeting is set for May 28, 2012, at 7 pm at Richmond City Hall. Agenda is here:

Useful website: Society for a GE Free B.C


Richmond passes ban on genetically engineered crops
By Randy Shore, Vancouver Sun May 22, 2012
Some points of the article:

  • On May 22, 2012, Richmond municipal council (British Columbia) unanimously passed a motion banning genetically modified shrubs, plants and food crops from being grown in the city.
  • Richmond will now seek stronger labelling requirements and integrate education and awareness of the issues raised by GMOs into the city’s public outreach programs.
  • Neither Canada nor the United States requires foods containing GMOs to be labelled, though many European jurisdictions do.

Activists gear up to defend GMO ban
By Manori Ravindran, Vancouver Sun,  May 28, 2012

Richmond denies genetically-modified crops
RICHMOND/CKNW(AM980), 22 May 2012

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2 Responses to Monsanto sending big guns into Richmond city council tonight to counter GMO ban

  1. will tell says:

    The BS will be hitting the fan tonight! And none of it organic! There is nothing that corporation won’t do for money! The trail behind them is littered with legal fees to keep their doors from being closed for x violations of environmental standards! And they want to “grow” our food?

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