Burns Bog (Delta) 89-acre proposed major development (MK Delta Lands Group) open house April 17 (Tues)

MetroVanWatch has obtained a press release regarding a major development proposed at for 89 acres of Burns Bog in Delta.  The topic was reportedly already in Delta municipal council on Monday night, April 2. We will provide analysis of this proposal in the coming weeks, including its relation to the Regional Growth Strategy of Metro Vancouver. This is a significant proposal and should be of regional interest, not just something local in Delta.

OPEN HOUSE April 17, from 5 TO 8 pm at École Élémentaire Sunshine Hills Elementary School (11582 Bond Boulevard, North Delta)

Note also the Burns Bog Conservation Society (www.burnsbog.orgPilgrimage to Burns Bog, Earthday, Sunday, April 22nd 2-5 p.m. 10388 Nordel Court, Delta, BC.  Contact is 604.572.0373.

Text and material from the development proponent, MK Delta Lands Group, follow:

For Immediate Release
Download media release: MKDLG 10770 media release final 120402
Download backgrounder:  MKDLG Backgrounder final 120402

April 2, 2012

MK Delta Lands Group recently filed an application with the Corporation of Delta to consider future land uses for an 89-acre portion of their 500-acre land holdings in North Delta. 

President of MK Delta Lands Group, Joanne Barnett said, “It made sense to submit our application while North Delta’s Area Plan process is underway. For the past seven years we have studied our land from a technical perspective. We have also participated in community life to better understand how the land “fits” into the whole of Delta and surrounding region. We are at the very beginning of the discussions, and have a long time-horizon to explore the future of these lands. We believe that, together with the community, we will arrive at a place where our site will contribute to the future of North Delta: environmentally, socially and economically. ”

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The land under consideration for development is located at 10770 72 Ave. It is located on the east side of Highway 91, bordered by 72 Ave. to the north and 64 Ave. to the south, adjacent to Westview Drive. The balance of the 500 acres, west of Highway 91 is not part of the application. Barnett said, “We are very respectful of the fact that our western properties provide a buffer to Burns Bog Ecological Conservancy Area, adjacent to us. We continue to respect the BBECA long-term management program and will limit our discussions to the 89-acre parcel for this reason.”

MK Delta Lands Group will host its first of several Public Open Houses on April 17th from 5-8 pm at École Élémentaire Sunshine Hills Elementary School (11582 Bond Boulevard, North Delta). The “drop-in” format will allow Barnett and her project team of environmental biologists, engineers and hydrologists to meet with the neighbours and report their findings. In the coming months, a number of workshops, informal meetings, walking tours, as well as MK Delta Lands Group’s involvement at other community events, will provide residents a variety of ways to share their views on the future of the 10770 72 Ave. site.

Barnett said, “We are at the very start of the community consultation, and will be doing a lot of listening.”

Details of the consultation process and additional background information are available at www.mkdeltalandsgroup.com

For more information contact:

Julie Marzolf at (604) 742-3211 or jmarzolf@marzolf.ca

Enc: Context Photos, Backgrounder

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1 Response to Burns Bog (Delta) 89-acre proposed major development (MK Delta Lands Group) open house April 17 (Tues)

  1. galden says:

    The recent Perimeter Road Development took away way too much habitat. Theres no logical justification for this (except from the developer’s point of view). The natural habitat keeps shrinking in the area and this is the largest peat producing bog in North America! SAVE OUR NATURAL HABITATS! THE LUNGS OF THE LOWER MAINLAND!

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