Heads up: Important items on Metro Vancouver Regional Planning & Ag Ctee 10-Feb-2012: ALR, Regional Context Statements, more

Metro Vancouver’s Regional Planning and Agriculture Committee will meet at 9 am on Friday, February 10, 2012 at its headquarters at 4330 Kingsway (Burnaby). Here are some important items on the agenda include that caught our attention:

  • Item 4.1 Presentation by Richard Bullock, Chair, Agricultural Land Commission, and Brian Underhill, Executive Director, Agricultural Land Commission. Subject: Dialogue regarding agricultural land protection and opportunities for collaboration
  • Item 5.1 Report: Province Strengthens Agricultural Land Commission
  • Item 5.3 Regional Planning and Agriculture Committee Priorities for 2012

    MetroVanWatch comment
    : Many people are interested in the dynamics between the ALR and Metro Vancouver to see how we can balance the the tension between food security and land development.
  • Item 5.4 Guideline for the Preparation of Regional Context Statements

    MetroVanWatch comment
    : This is where the rubber begins to hit the road. With a process we consider to have been quite problematic due to the lack of meaningful public consultation on critical aspects, the 30-year Regional Growth Strategy was adopted in July 2011 as a powerful bylaw under BC government legislation. Now each municipality is required by law to create one of these Regional Context Statements. People in each municipality need to watch carefully to see how this process proceeds. The Feb 10 agenda contains important documents to guide municipal staff in creating an RCS.

Download the full agenda and related documents (PDF file, 215 pages) here. Many other items are on the agenda that people are sure to find important, including the Colony Farm in Coquitlam (Agenda Item 5.5).

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